Canigou Cycling Girona & Pyrenees Road Bike Vacations

Roadbike Expeditions Philosophy

The Philosophy behind our Road Bike Expeditions is based on engagement.


Engagement: is personal comitment [based on philosophical conviction/solidarity]; the feeling of being bound to something.

We emphasize four types of engagement:

The pumping heart, the breath, the pain, and the flow—als cyclists know and love the feeling of earning the route traveled with our body and willpower. Cycling is our main focus, but allown it is not enough: We aim to cycle beyond our horizon—which is not only a physical challenge.

Cycling through fascinating landscapes raises our spirits. For a moment we feel connected to nature. As cyclists we know how good nature is for our body and mind. This is not a surprise, as evolution has brought forth humans from nature over millions of years. And so we respect nature and understand ourselves as part of it. Environmental protection and sustainability are part of us.

Fellow humans:
The group carries us and makes the experience. Together we go through the ups and downs of a though stage. We laugh together over dinner and exchange experiences and insights. We meet other humans who tell us about their lives and their culture and about nature. We learn from each-other and everyone enriches the experience of the whole group.

For years we cycle through some of the most fascinating landscapes of our planet. Wouldn't it be fantastic to learn about how these landscapes have evolved? What do we know today about the evolutionary history of our planet, the stars, humans, and our cultures? We cultivate an intense curiousity for our world and its inhabitants. Enriched with selected, well-presented knowlege, we experience each moment of our tour more profoundly.


Our Expeditions have the following features:

All-Road Bike:
We cycle on all roads, without restrictions. This lets us see and experience more. A all-road rental bike is included in the tour price. The bike comes with two sets of wheels that can be exchanged quickly. One wheelset is optimied for cycling on asphalt (700c mit 28mm road tire), and one wheelset is optimized for gravel roads (650b with 54mm gravel tire).

Travelling together, Cyclists and Explorers:
We travel in small groups consisting of Cyclists and Explorers (non-cycling travel companions). For Explorers we offer a complete and independent program with many options for customization (see our service page for details). The number of participants for the Expeditions is limited to a maximum of 17 persons, of which 2 to 5 may be Explorers. This has two main advantages: Some participants may come along together with their partner, parent of adult child without having to make compromises in terms of activities. Furthermore, the participation of Explorers with their daily program enriches the experience of the Cyclists.

Knowledgeable Guides:
Each Road Bike Expedition is accompanied by two guides with a background in the natrual sciences. These may be PhD candidates fields such as Geology, Astrophysics, Astronomy, and Evolutionary Biology. Our guides come from one of the destination countries and are fluent in Spanish and English, as well as some German. Our goal is not to give lectures and transform this into an educational trip. What we aim at is to provide a context that is up to date with our current scientific understanding. How did all this that we are experiencing here, come into existance? This understanding has a direct impact on how we experience our trip.

CO2 Neutral:
All CO2 emissions produced by planning, transport, food and lodging activities for our tours will be compensated by supporting forestation in Bolivia. The project we have chosen has received the Gold Standard certification for best practices as set forth by the WWF and the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism. Exact compensation amount and project details are shared with all participants.

Social Engagement:
We also aim to contribute through social engagement in the country we are visiting by helping people who have sufferd a blow of fate. We support patients of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in modifying their living environment to the needs of their disability. Dirk, the founder of Canigou Cycling has suffered from MS for serveal years before being able to overcome it.

Traveling within the larger context: Big History

Big History is an interdisciplinary history of the Cosmos, Life, and Humanity. It presents a unified understanding of our past beyond the fractured bits of national histories. For, humans are not inherently divided into competing tribes.

By combining knowledge from often isolated disciplines such as Anthropology, Biology, Economics, Geology, and Physics, Big History helps us gain a clearer understanding of who we are. Big History starts with the Big Bang and moves all the way to the challenges of our current globalised and digitalised world.

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