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Cycling ServiceCycling Service

The most important services for your care free Road Bike Vacation.

For Individual we will include them in our offer.

Cycling Services — What is included?


We will come to your hotel on your arrival day and personally welcome you. We will show you around, give you an introduction to the region and tipps for activities. If you have ordered any other Services, such as a rent bike or a GPS-Navigation, we will set it up for you and explain to you how it works.

HalbpensionCyclists' Half-Board

Breakfast and dinner specifically for the needs of cyclists with additional carbohydrates.

HalbpensionDaily Cycling Snack

One mini-sandwich, one energy bar/gel and one fruit per day for your ride. Mineral Water for your water bottle.

HalbpensionWater Bottle

A Canigou Cycling water bottle. No need to bring your own. Additional bottles cost 4€.

HalbpensionSecure Bike Room

Equipped with floor pump, basic tools, bike washing area, and an individual cable lock (5€ deposit).

HalbpensionStandby Pick-up Service

Just in case you can't complete your ride as planed, we bring you back to the hotel (additional cost: 0,35 €/km).

HalbpensionStandby Bike Mechanic

Minor repairs are free of charge, larger ones upon request. Additional costs apply.

HalbpensionSpare Parts

Common spare parts can be purchsed directly form us. Most others will areive within 48 hours.

HalbpensionBike Wear Laundry

Two shorts, two jerseys and two T-shirts for a price between 7€ and 12€ depending on the hotel.

Meals in the Hotels

In all hotels, except for the Hotel Mediterraneo, the meals are served at the table. You have a selection of various starters, main courses and deserts. With our Cyclists' half board you may order additional pasta, rice or vegetables with the menu. For breakfast you also have the option to order Muesli with Yoghurt and fresh fruits. At the hotel Mediterraneo a comprehensive buffett is served for breakfast and dinner.

If you have any special requirements concerning your diet (e.g. vegan or gluten free), please let us know as soon as possible and we will inform the hotel.

Cycling Services Price for Individual

Price for the first week for each cyclist: 75,00 €.
For every additional day: 6,00 €.

The services GPS-Navigation, Guided Tours, Rentatl Bikes, Pyrenees DayRide and Airport Transfer may only be booked in conjuction with the Cycling Services.