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Girona Road Bike Rentals Cervélo

Cervélo C-Series

The Cervélo C-Series are endurance road bikes idealy suited for most hobby cyclists. The modern carbonfibre frame features many Cervélo innovations that have made this brand worldfamous. The position is slightly more upright without loosing agility and fun. In descents the bike is very stable and easy to control. The bike is also gravel-ready, so it is an ideal companion to explore the region. All C-Series bikes feature modern 160mm disc brakes.

Cervelo C2 Rental BikeCervélo C2

Groupset: latest Shimano 105
Shifting: mechanical
Gears: 50/34 with 11-30
Tires: 28mm
Model: 2019
Rental price per week: 168€

Cervelo C3 Rental BikeCervélo C3

The C3 frame is lighter and has more compliance in comparison to the C2.
Groupset: latest Shimano Ultegra
Shifting: Di2 electronic
Gears: 50/34 with 11-30
Tires: Continental GP GT 28mm
Model: 2018/2019
Rental price per week: 228€

Cervelo C3 Rental BikeCervélo C3 climb

Based on the Cervélo C3 (see above) with special climing gears.
Groupset: latest Shimano Ultegra
Shifting: Di2 electronic
Gears: 50/34 with 11-34
Tires: Continental GP GT 28mm
Model: 2018/2019
Rental price per week: 268€

Cervélo R3
Cervelo R3 Rental Bike

An award-winning modern road bike for pure road cyclists. The light, agile and aerodynamic R3 carbon fibre frame is a solid base for this superb bike.
Groupset: latest Shimano Ultegra
Shifting: Di2 electronic
Gears: 52/36 with 11-30
Tires: Continental GP GT 28mm
Model: 2019
Rental price per week: 348€

3T Discus3T Carbon Wheelset

Unlock the full potential of our Cervélo rental bikes with this optional carbon fibre wheelset by 3T. The Discus C35 Team wheelset weighs only 1469 Gramm.
Tires: Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless 28mm.
Rental price: 118€ per week.
Rental only in combination with one of our Cervélo rental bikes.

Quick UltraCannondale QuickUltra

Ein Sport- und Hybridrad mit dem man alles machen kann: Auf Asphaltstraßen und auf Feldwegen sind Sie hiermit komfortabel und sicher unterwegs. Mit Federgabel und 3-Fach Kurbel ist das Rad sehr gut ausgestattet. Modelljahr: 2011

Rental Bikes Prices 2019

  rental price / first week each additional day
Cervélo C2 168€ 19€
Cervélo C3 di2 228€ 29€
Cervélo C3 di2 climb 268€ 33€
Cervélo R3 di2 348€ 39€
3T Discus wheelset 118€ 12€
Quick Ultra 78€ 10€
Pedals 5€

Price includes bike cleaning and VAT: Simply return your bike without having to clean it first.
Minimum rental period is one week.

Rent Bikes AccessoriesAccessories

Each rent bike comes with a Canigou Cycling water bottle as a present for you. Additional water bottles may be purchased for 4€ each.

With each bike you will receive a pouch containing a sealed Continental spare tube and tire levers (deposit 5€). Please use only these spare tubes to repair flats.

Additionaly you may rent a SKS mini pump (deposit 10€), and a set of two threaded CO2 cartridges (deposit 5€).

The rental of these accessories is free of charge. If the accessory gets used or significantly damaged we retain the deposit.

All our rent bikes feature two water bottle cages, a wired sensor kit to hold the Sigma computer as well as clips to hold the mini pump in place.

Rental Pedals

You may bring your own pedals or you may rent one of our pedals. We offer three types of pedals: Shimano SPD, Shimano SPD-SL, and Look Keo. Rental price: 5€ per week. Please order your rental pedals ahead of time together with the bike.

If you are in doubt about the type of pedal you require, it is advisable to bring your own pedals. In any case we recommend checking your cleats for possible signs of wear before the trip.

Pedal Selection

Adjustment of your position and
stem replacement

Do you have special needs for your road bike-fit? Do you prefer a more upright riding position? We have a large selection of stems with which we can adjust your position on the Cervélo rental bike. This service is included in the rental price.


Rental Bikes for
Pyrenees ToursPyrenees Rental Bike

All bikes also rented for our Pyrenees Multi-Stage Tours, We specifically recommend the C3 climb with a range of gears adapted to the needs of climbers: 50/34 with 11 - 34 (11-speed). Excellent Continental GrandPrix GT 28 mm tires for optimal grip and puncture resistance.

Rental price for Ventoux Traverse, Eastern-Pyrenees and Central-Pyrenees:
Cervélo C3 climb: 268€

Rental price for Trans-Pyrenees Tour:
Cervélo C3 climb: 428€

Rental Bikes for external guests

The rent bikes are also available all year without hotel booking. Delivery in the whole Girona region. Full payment is due at moment of reservation. Please contact us via our web contact form.