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Custom Pyrenees Tours

A private Pyrenees tour is a perfect vacation for groups of friends, clubs and special occasions. We offer two types of custom tours:

Existing Pyrenees Tour at a date of your choice

You may book any of our three existing Pyrenees Tours (Central-, Eastern-, and Trans-Pyrenees) as a private tour for your group at a date of your choice. Please send us a request and we will let you know if this date is available within one week.

If you have 16 or more participants, the price will be the same as for our standard tour. For smaller groups, just add 50€ (85€ for the Trans-Pyrenees) for each person less than 16. Example: For a group of 12 people going on the Central-Pyrenees Tour, the tour price will be 1,695€ per person. The minimum number of participants is 6.

Custom Pyrenees Tour with route of your choice

What would your perfect Pyrenees tour look like?

You decide the key aspects of the tour such as the date, the group size, the region, cols to be included and the preferred hotel type. We will design an intinerary and route specifically for you.

One popular possibility is to combine a hub-and-spoke and a multi-stage tour into one trip. Imagine: First you stay at one location in the Pyrenees to get accustomed to the climate and the cycling. Then you embark on a multi-stage tour taking you to some of the highlights of Pyrenees.

Please send us a request and we will arrange a time for a phone conversation with you.