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Canigou Cycling Service

Navigation Set

With our Navigation Set you will have access to a wide selection of beautiful and well-prepared routes. The set comes with a comprehansive Route Book, an intuitive GPS unit, all the necessary accessories, and a personal introductory presentation.

The Route Books

Our Route Books make it fun and easy to quickly find the perfect ride for every day. For each hotel, there are up to 20 routes between 45km and 160km (28 and 100 mi) with all the detailed information you will need.

  • Basic information such as length, climb, and a profile
  • Detailed altitude profile with slope indicators for major climbs
  • A Michelin map for a birds eye perspective of the route
  • Detailed descriptions and photos of highlights
  • Recommendations for the best cafés and restaurants along the route
  • Background information on the sights along the route

Route Cards

Best of all: The information is condesed on two route cards per tour for your jersey pocket.

The GPS Unit

You select your chosen route on the GPS rental unit. A simple, clear line on the display will guide you along the route — the GPS does not talk or beep or otherwise intrude on your ride. It is simply there when you need it.

Operating the GPS is easy. All our GPS units have intuitive touch screens. You are free to sit back and enjoy the ride.


GPS units do not replace maps completely. Maps are always interesting and help to get to know the region. That's why our Navigation Set comes with a high quality, Michelin map.

Included with the Navigation Set:

  • Route Book with up to 20 routes per hotel
  • Route Cards for each route
  • Overview map
  • GPS rent unit with touch display
  • Two sets of rechargable batteries and a charger
  • Handlebar mount for any type of handlebar
  • Easy to understand instruction card
  • Personal 15-minute introduction course

Advantages of the Navigation Set

  • No peer pressure: You always cycle at your own pace.
  • No haste, no waiting: Start your ride whenever you like.
  • No traffic: Always cycle on the finest back roads.
  • No getting lost: You always know where you are.
  • No unwanted surprises: Choose the route to exactly match your interest, condition and training needs.


  • 65€ per Navigation Set per stay of up to 14 days.
  • 45€ for each additional Navigation Set in your group (we recommend one navigation set for every two people).
  • 45€ for each additional location you will be staying at (this applies to Multi-Location-Stays).