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Pyrenees DayRide

A day in the Pyrenees: The highlight of your Road Bike Vacations in Girona.

This is a one day excursion into the Eastern-Pyrenees with breathtaking panoramic vistas of Andorra and one of the most beautiful descents of the Pyrenees. Including a two way transfer by van, snacks and a support car. One day of full service like you experience on our Pyrenees Tours.

Climbing Cols in the spring

In order to enjoy climbing long and steep cols one needs a high level of fintness and only few have this already in spring. This is why we have selected a route that always remains mild where you can specifically train your endurance.

The route:
There are two ascents on this route:
The first climb stretches over 45km (28 mi) from an altitude of 740m (2427 ft) up to 1888m (6194 ft). The average slope is 2.6%. For about 15 km (9.3 mi) the slope remains between 3.5 and 4.5%. The final 2 km (1.2 mi) are a little steeper with 6.5% and there is a final peak of about 10%. This means, that for almost the entire cimb it is entirely up to you at what intensity level you would like to cycle.
After an amazing descent, we start into the second, much shorter climb. Over 8.5km (5.3 mi) we climb a total of 200m (656ft). After another refreshing descent we arrive again at our point of departure.

Pyrenees DayRide Profile

Road and weather conditions:
The Pyrenees are a southern, Mediterranean mountain range. Especially the southern, Spanish side is well protected from the cold winter weather. Of course, we also have snow here for several moths each year. However, the roads are always cleared of snow and the air is mostly dry. From the beginning of March onwards one can climb the cols on many days in ideal conditions.

Depending on the hotel, the van transfer to the starting point will take about 1:45h. In addition to your bike you may bring along a day pack.

Pyrenees DayRide Prices

Individual and GroupTour:
For guests of our programs Individual and GroupTour, we offer the Pyrenees DayRide as an exclusive Tour arranged for a date of your choice.
Price for a group of up to 6 persons: 350,00€ including transfer, bike transfer, GPS-Navigation, snacks and support car. Prices for larger groups upon request.