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Seven Cycling Regions of Girona
Dali's Coast
Medieval Villages

Seven Cycling Regions of Girona MapRoute Selection
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The Seven Cycling Regions of Girona

Seven Cycling RegionsDali's Coast

Pyrenees meets Mediterranean: Cycle through
breathtaking panorama where the eastern extensions of the mountain range fall off into the sea. The coastal road winds up and down along picturesque coves and fishing villages connecting France and Spain. Deeply impressed and inspired by this fascinating scenery, the great surrealist painter Dalí chose to live and work here. Climbs to castle ruins and monasteries reach a height of up to 500 m / 1640 ft. connecting the region to
the Coastal-Plains in the south.

Sieben Rad RegionenPre-Pyrenees

A climber’s paradise: Cycle through pristine forests of cork oak and pine on a wide selection of mild climbs. While most ascents stay below 6% and reach altitudes of no more than 500 m / 1640 ft, a few climbs peak at a height of up to 1200 m / 3937 ft. From here you can enjoy spectacular views across the Coastal-Plains to the Mediterranean. The impressive peak of the Canigou (2784 m / 9134 ft) lies across the border in France. A stunning variety of cycling possibilities awaits you on both sides of the border

Sieben Rad RegionenCoastal-Plains

An ideal location with hundreds of kilometers / miles of flat and rolling hill rides: Cycle through untouched bird sanctuaries with wild horses and flamingos. To the north you can enjoy a more profiled ride along scenic vineyards towards the Pre-Pyrenees. Discover large Grecian-Roman excavations situated directly on the southern coast-line with a magnificent view of the bay. The Plains are a perfect hub for extended rides into the Pre-Pyrenees, Dali’s Coast, the Hinterland
and the southern Medieval Villages.

Sieben Rad RegionenHinterland

Our sheer never-ending reservoir of rolling hills and back roads: For cyclists wishing to cycle more than 120 km / 75 mi per day we offer many possibilities to diversify and extend their routes into this region. Combine your tours from the Coastal-Plains or the Medieval Villages with the slightly more demanding Hinterland. Or pass through on your way to the Pre-Pyrenees. There is plenty to discover: Visit medieval Besalú for example where you can cycle across the 12th century Romanesque bridge.

Sieben Rad RegionenMedieval Villages

The hidden gem of cycling in Girona: An abundant selection of small country roads along fruit plantations and rice fields. Once every few
kilometers you will pass by one of the many tastefully restored medieval villages. If you feel like it you can stay here for a coffee and enjoy
the charming atmosphere. This is also the ideal starting location for tours to the Pro-Climbs, the Coastal-Plains, the Hinterland, and the Pre-Pyrenees.

Sieben Rad RegionenPro-Climbs

The legendary training region for pros and amateurs alike: The Gavarres hills extend to the east of Girona over an area of roughly 340 km² / 211 mi². These hills are covered with nothing but tranquility and pristine oak and pine forests. Three beautiful country roads cross this area − the highest and most famous of these climbs is Els Angels 485 m / 1590 ft where Lance Armstrong and his colleagues used to train. The Pro-Climbs offer excellent combination possibilities with the Steep-Coast and the Medieval Villages region.

Sieben Rad RegionenSteep-Coast

The breathtaking Mediterranean cycling experience: This coastal road is one of the
hallmark stages of the Vuelta de España and was
also featured in the 2009 Tour de France stage
from Girona to Barcelona. Hugging the coastline
at varying altitudes between 50 m / 164 ft and
150 m / 492 ft above sea level, this road is
20 km / 12 mi of pure cycling bliss. Combination
possibilities include the Pro-Climbs and the
Medieval Villages region.