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Mittelmeer Radsport Urlaub
Mittelmeer Radsport Urlaub
Mittelmeer Radsport Urlaub
Mittelmeer Radsport Urlaub
Mittelmeer Radsport Urlaub
Mittelmeer Radsport Urlaub


From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean in two weeks.
From the Basque country in the west all the way to Catalonia in the east. We cross the French/Spanish border eight times and get to know all sides of the Pyrenees.

Date 2018:
August 19 - September 2
990km/615mi, 20,000m climb/66,000ft climb
10 stages and 3 rest days.

2895€ for 14 nights in a double room including all services.
Single room supplement: 495€.

Participants and booking:
The Trans-Pyrenees tour is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Up to 10 single rooms are available.
We recommend early booking – usually the tours are fully booked soon. Currently there are still places available for the 2018 Trans-Pyrenees tour.

Early Booking
For bookings that we receive before or on January 21, we are offering a discount of 100€.

For bookings and further information:
Please use our request from.

Download the Tour description as a PDF.

Pyrenäen Karte Trans-Pyrenees 2015


Many beautiful and less traveled roads as well as these:
(1) Col d'Aubisque (1709m/5607ft), (2) Col du Tourmalet (2115m/6939ft),
(3) Col d'Aspin (1489m/4885ft), (4) Col de Peyresourde (1569m/5148ft).

Tour Description

The Pyrenees:
The mountain range extends about 500km/310mi from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (West to East). About 1/3 of the Pyrenees are in France and 2/3 in Spain. The northern part is generally steeper and this is where most of the famous Tour-de-France cols are located. On the southern Spanish side, the slopes are generally milder and there is even less traffic.

The Trans-Pyrenees Tour:
The tour starts in Irun (Spain) north of San Sebastian. The tour is divided into four parts (stages 1 & 2 | rest day 1 | stages 3 & 4 |
rest day 2 | stages 5, 6 & 7 | rest day 3 | stages 8, 9 & 10).

Stages 1 & 2, rest day 1
Stages one and two take us through the Basque country. The first stage is relatively easy going and begins with a spectacular road along the Atlantic coast. We stay overnight in France close to Saint-Jean-Pied-De-Port, one of the main starting points of the Camino de Santiago. Stage two is the shortest, yet arguably toughest stage of the tour. Of 30km of climbing on todays stage, half have an average gradient between 8% and 11%. There are short bursts of up to 17%. A beautiful 20km decent into Spain leads us to a typical basque village for our well deserved first rest day.

Stages 3 & 4, rest day 2
Stages three and four bring us back into France and across the most famous climbs of the Pyrenees, the Col d'Aubisque and the Col du Tourmalet. Average gradients stay around 8% and peak shortly at 10% at the top of the Tourmalet.

Stages 5, 6 & 7, rest day 3
After our second rest day we cycle back into Spain and along some of the most beautiful roads we know. On stage five average gradients stay under 8% except for 3km with 9%. On stages six and seven average gradients always remain well under 7%. We stay in the medieval town of Solosona for our third rest day. Here you can already sense the Mediterranean influence.

Stages 8, 9 & 10
Back on the bike we return into France close to the Canigou mountain and cycle along the most eastern stretches of the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean. After what you will have already accomplished by now, cycling these final three stages will be a breeze. A dinner at the harbour of Port de la Selva concludes the tour.

Why don‘t we offer a one week Trans-Pyrenees Tour?
The shortest route from coast to coast that also includes the classic cols such as Tourmalet and Aubisque is about 770km/480mi long. While for very strong cyclists this distance is managable in one week, to accomplish this one must cycle seven days in a row along a predetermined route confined to the French side and frequented by many tourists. Any deviation – for a fantastic stretch of road or a better hotel – will make the route too long. In our opinion, this is not the way to experience the beauty of the Pyrenees. Therefore, if you have only one week, please choose our spectacular Eastern-Pyrenees or Central-Pyrenees tour.

How can I decide if this is the right tour for me?

Watch the videos where guests will tell you about their own experiences with Canigou Cycling Pyrenees Tours.

Read our Service & FAQ page. Many common questions are answered here and you can get a good feeling for how the tours work.

If you still have questions, please fill in our request from. We will get back to you within 48 hours. If you like, we can also schedule a phone conversation.

Tour Schedule

Opening get-together: August 19, 2018 at 7:00 pm in Irun (Spain) at the Atlantic Ocean
First stage: August 20, 2018
Final stage: September 1, 2018
The tour ends in Port de la Selva (Spain) at the Mediterranean
Departure day: September 2, 2018

Option 1:
Arrival Atlantic – Departure Mediterranean

Arrival Atlantic, Airport Transfer:
On August 19, airport transfer from Bilbao airport (BIO) to the hotel in Irun.
Departure Bilbao airport: 5:00pm.
It is also possible to fly to San Sebastian (EAS). This is a small airport very close to Irun. Transfer upon request.

Departure Mediterranean, Airport Transfer:
On September 2, departure from hotel: 9:00am,
arrival at Girona airport(GRO) at 11:00am,
arrival at Barcelona airport (BCN) at 1:00pm.

Please book your flights with at least 1:30h time before/after the transfer. If you are arriving from outside of Europe, you might want to schedule extra days as a buffer.
Price for the Airport Transfer:
165€ per person, both transfers (Atlantic and Mediterranean) included.
Bike transportation: 40€.

Trans-Pyrenees bike-case transportation:
If you are bringing your own bike, we are happy to transport your bike case from Irun to Port de la Selva. Price: 95€.

Option 2:
Arrival and Departure Mediterranean

Arrival, overnight stay and transfer to the Atlantic:
Arrival on August 18, 2018. One additional night in the Girona area close to the end point of our Trans-Pyrenees Tour.
On August 19: transfer to Irun at the Atlantic (driving time: about 6 hours)
Price: 185€ per person in a double room. Single room supplement: 45€.

Airport Transfer:
On August 18, departure from airport Barcelona (BCN) 2:00pm,
departure from airport Girona (GRO) 4:00pm.
On September 2, departure from hotel: 9:00am,
arrival at Girona airport(GRO) at 11:00am,
arrival at Barcelona airport (BCN) at 1:00pm.

Please book your flights with at least 1:30h time before/after the transfer. If you are arriving from outside of Europe, you might want to schedule extra days as a buffer.
Price: 120€ per person, both transfers included.
Bike transportation: 40€.

Rental bike

Cannondale CAAD12 compact Canigou Edition (rental price: 248€, gearing: 50/36 with 11-32).

For the Pyrenees tours our rental bikes are specially equipped with an adjustable stem and Continental GrandPrix GT 25mm tires.

On the arrival day your rent bike will be set up for you and adjusted to best match your position and requirements. You may bring your own pedals and saddle and we will attach these to your rent bike. If you bring your own computer or GPS you may attach this system to the bike.

Bringing your own bike

If you are bringing your own bike in a bike-case and are taking our airport transfer, please let us know in advance (bike transport price: 40€).

For the bike set-up, we have most standard tools (including a torque wrench) available for you. So, unless your bike has special requirements, there is no need to bring extra tools.

If you choose option 1 (arrival Atlantic, departure Mediterranean) we will transport your bike-case for you from the Atlantic to the Mediterranen (price: 85€). If you choose option 2 (arrival and departure Mediterranean) you may store your bike-case free of charge at the hotel for the duration of the tour. Please note that in either case you will not have access to your bike-case during the tour.

While we offer tools for setting up your bike, please be advised that correct and timely bike set-up remains your responsibility. During the tour we carry spare parts for Shimano 11-Speed components. If you have anything other than this, we recommend bringing some basic spare parts as you see fit.

Coming by car

If you are coming with your own car, you will need to choose option 2 (arrival and departure Mediterranean). You may park your car for the duration of the tour at the starting location. This is also the ending location. 2018 Prices for parking are not known yet.